Francine : Professor of Literature  and History
                   Affix : " Les Fleurs de Lilas"
                   Assistant Secretary of Tiabb
                   Member Tica


Karen      : Youngest daughter of Francine
                   Sales Assistant Export-Africa
                   Affix : " Charmed "
                   Vice-President of the TIABB
                   Member TICA
                   Member of Euro-Cat Club






I am responsible for monitoring veterinary paperwork, birth, feeding and management.
I am looking for the best placement for the kittens.

Karen takes care of grooming and cat shows. It seeks to make the best marriages and plans to introduce new lines.

It is she who keeps in touch with friends breeders with whom we work.
She also spends a lot of time on the internet with breeders of Birman who are on the other side of the planet.

Karen is more demanding than me on the quality of the kittens to keep and I know she's right ( but some are so cute !)

Our encounter with the Sacred Cat of Burma was in 1991.



That year, we bought a baby Birman four months, color rare at that time: lilac. His dad "Chardon Bleu" was imported from Great Britain by Lucie and Jean Poulain who were also breeders "Flora" his Mom.
Goliath was a "show cat" and we traveled the roads of France and Europe for its international titles.
Lots of travel, of fatigue, but also that of satisfaction!
Contacts with European breeders, learning began ... We caught the bug!
I had already experienced many years before the world of canine exhibitions and participated regularly in the Special Livestock, with my father. Members of the SCBA, we had German Shepherds who won numerous awards. But one thing I was passionate about : the friendship of our faithful companions. I liked also provide marriage and study lines. I liked to enjoy the atmosphere of exhibitions with friends, lunches together ...
I implemented all this in the feline world.



Our meeting with Anne-Marie Taranger, president of ANABI and international judge "All Breed" We pushed them to take an interest in breeding Birman.
We joined the Anabi and on the advice of Marie-Anne, we bought a small female seal factor chocolate Iota.
Karen will then be a favorite for any chocolate pussy Round Iannette.


"Remember, Remember": Exhibition of Paris in January 1998 Champerret: "La Galette des Rois" !
Left to right:
Marie-Anne Tarang, Bernard Baigneaux, Mom, Trudy Raymond & BURGER, Roberta ALIPHAT, Beatrice Keller, Helen William and Helen's Mom
Some years have passed : 10 years, but the "real friends" are still intact!


By participating in cat shows with our three kitties, we met little by little "big" breeders of Birman and often admired the Seal, the Red and Tortie Marie-Anne and Helen William, international judge "All Breed".
The Red "Srinagar" and "From Kertweed Hamlet", but also Seal and Blue in "La Ferronnerie" fascinated us!
Goliath on the podium thanks to its rare color at the time, and the careful grooming of his fur. But let's be honest : yes it was a nice chat, but he had neither the type nor the morphology of the kitties "Srinagar" and "Kertweed!"
It allowed us to meet Birman purists and especially to discover the character of this race.
Goliath has always been a cat as we love: a discreet, gentle and loyal, attentive to the slightest sorrow or happiness of its Masters!

The first years, we met with livestock exciting as motivated by improving the Birman ...
We have made many trips to see first hand some breedings, we get an idea of what we wanted to succeed and also know the difficulties of this race.
Gradually we made in genetics, we bought magazines and books and listened to the advice of experienced.
In cat shows, the difference was evident between those who "produce" kittens for sale regardless of type, morphology ... and those who "worked" to improve their breeding. We knew what kind of breeders we wanted to join.
The seminars gave us the keys to move faster and avoid mistakes: the insanely nice weekend where we all go back to school. Laughs with a friend who started a breeding in Persian, but the puzzle when to "go to the board" do the exercises Frederic Bonhomme and Guy Pantigny genetics!
Marie-Anne and Helen animated the Anabi meetings, writing articles very interesting, very technical, and their advice was invaluable!

We wanted to "work" we. We looked for different lines so that they can "open" to the maximum.
We were disappointed with the baby lilac and chocolate: these colors had neither the morphology nor the type of the Classics : we realized that these colors to work, it is also Classic lines, especially seal.
As often repeated Guy Pantigny and Philippe Noël, we must first build a house to paint it then!
New kitties arrived, other colors appeared in the litters.
We wanted to raise beautiful cats with a massive morphology, especially the males. A pretty fur seemed to us indispensable. ( Karen quickly took over for grooming cats, and, as they say, the student surpassed the master!)
The desire to have typed cats came very quickly, by studying the French standard of Birman and observing the results of Marie-Anne and Helen.

We drew the Red !
Unlike some breeders and shows visitors who treated them false Birman and who swore by the Seal and Blue, we find them fabulous!
We were fortunate to know of famous Red who represented the Birman as we like, and more in a color that fascinated us!
The friendship did the rest: Helena gave us Manhattan, beautiful red tabby kitten.
And gradually, the Red have invaded our lives: New York, Princeton, Red Kiss Tendre Passion, Too Much, Vodka Orange, Red Angel ...

"Back  Belgium Cat Show, March 1998,  with LAMBADA !
Maximum capacity of the car Hélène: 3 adults : Helen, Mom and Me, a little goat : LAMBADA, a couple of canaries, 4 kennels with kitties, suitcases, and exhibitions of cages ! Here you can see all the evil that is given to get everything ! Pleasant  anecdote, LAMBADA is a goat, and she made the trip in the lap of mom ! It is also that the Friendship! "

With our Red, we did a good "work". I know this may seem presumptuous on our part, we are proud of our cats! Also proud to have been able to practice what Marie-Anne and Helen taught us.

At home, the Red are mostly but we also have other colors.

I do not work on a silver on the smoke. I have no feel for the colors, but can recognize that some kitties are beautiful!
I also think it should not be too disperse and instead focus its efforts to pursue "the Birman we dream!"
Not believing in random breeding, we strive to be familiar with the lines we work with.
All marriages are thought, think.

Through our work, we first obtained a good morphology, a pretty head with good Roman nose, good eyes.
The ranges of recent years have shown us that we have now improved the chin.
Currently, our focus is more on the front that should not be flat or domed. It should be slightly
rounded ...
And marks, we ask?
Our experience is that, contrary to what some believe, is donning the works too!
As to whether it is transmitted naturally!


Karen with Jambalaya, seal tortie point female, 5 months
Photo In'Clic, Christine Chaniel


So to give birth to a beautiful Birman, it takes a lot of passion and .... patience !

Yes we are proud of kitties that share our lives now: they are worthy descendants of the Birman pretty as we admired when we started breeding !
Marie-Anne left us but left us a legacy that we strive to meet in a new club. Thank you to you, Marie-Anne.
Thank you to you, Helen.  We are with you now in the adventure of TIABB (The International Association of Birman Breeders).

Tica cat shows have allowed us to get to know other cat breeds and meet quality breeders from all countries.

Internet and the aircraft were unmarked distances and real friendships were born :
Hilde will recognize if I say that
our family "Birman" has no borders!
Kismet and Belladonna are the proof ! They come from far away.
Our lovely Sweetie left us to join Peter Wayne in California and return Tendre Baiser and Tequila ....


Tendre Baiser & Tequila Srinagar des Fleurs de Lilas
Young male Cream Tabby Point Red Tabby & young female point of 4 months,
belonging to our friend Hilde van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
First meeting in Normandy, between bbs and new mother, Hilde


Hilde surrounded by her two son Wayne and Peter Jaïton, July 2006


Hilton and Peter Wayne

Hilde and Hilton, surrounded by their children
Wayne and Peter Jaïton, September 2006

Learn to meet despite the distance, to share the same passion, what happiness !




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