We dedicate our site to our kitties who have joined a paradise for cats :

….Goliath,     Iannette,     Lady Blue ,      Milky,      Noggin,…. Outsider….


Goliath at home, later in cat show

Thank you, "Go - Go" that have always accompanied us in the joys but also the sorrows. You were and will always be our angel ...

Your sweet color "Lilac" had seduced us but we were far from imagining the place
you would take in our lives !....


                                                                     Iannette, when she was a kitten...


                                                                             Our beautiful  Iannette  adult


                                                                               Iannette in cat show


Thank you to you, little Iannetta!
Pretty pussy chocolate, discrete, any impression of tenderness and sweetness, you gave us so many
happiness! ...


                                                                                       Lady Blue, our cuddly


Thank you, sweet Lady
Your pretty blue boil all round us was cracking.
You always slept between the great paws of Loninou which, while tender, was watching over you ...


Our beautiful Milky....


                                                                                      Milky, our pretty little star

Thank you, "Mimi", pretty blue-cream.
Your look has attracted more than one judge, but temperamental star and proud, you always kept your distance!
We call you our guard dog for you groaned when a stranger approached the house!
But with us, you were a love!
At night, you settle on the comforter of the bed, still in the same place, and you seemed to protect me.
I'll often find in the eyes of your daughter.




Noggin, at home

                                                                        Noggin , our good little devil !

 Thank you, Noggin ...

Pretty Teddy chocolate tabby, did you know we won over by your facial expressions and your playfulness.
You wanted to climb higher and higher ...

Little Noggin, you joined Marie-Anne had seen you and you was born so pretty ...





                                                                    Outsider, our big baby greedy.....



Thank you to you
"Big Baby"!

Happy Little seal, you had a penchant for prawns ... Your greed had no limits !
A no fun.
Sometimes you played the "macho" to impress Princeton but basically you were so nice !
Princeton was not intimidated because he knew you well and you look surprised!

The life goes on ... The kitties will brighten up the house but none replaces you !

Simply we live with each another story ...









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