The International Association of Breeders and Exhibitors of Burmese and other breeds of cats.

Upcoming Cat ShowsTIABB :

Tica and traditional Loof Show
 30 & 31 March 2013 at Gaillefontaine
( dept 76 ) in Normandy.


Contact Hélène GUILLAUME : 06 50 78 73 97 - : 
Tél : 06 85 53 20 77
Fax: 03 44 54 29 98





The Association recognized by the LOOF is to :

11) to bring together breeders and exhibitors of pedigreed cats with the same ethics as
     for the welfare of cats and animals of any kind.
  2) to develop and convey the idea that it is essential that cats breed for cat shows and breeding
    are also and above all pet cats living in
    the best possible conditions.
  3) to link farmers and other Burmese cat breeds are also participating in beauty contests cats, and what
    in the world together to share their experiences.
  4) facilitate the work of breeding and exhibition of cats, exchanging the respective knowledge.
  5) to write a review at least every two years.
  6) to hold information meetings, seminars on breeding techniques, interpretation of the various  official   s      standards, knowledge of feline genetics, the grooming techniques, rearing conditions ...

7) to value cats have obtained titles or price Tica Traditional and cat shows.
  8 °) to organize special race in other cat clubs and cat shows as  TIABB label.
  9) to organize trips to meet other breeders.


The TIABB allows the approximation and the exchange of knowledge between its members and all persons qualified technical breeding cat.

Each member undertakes to respect the Charter of Quality and Fair Play that he signed and
the rules and statutes

The TIABB, whose headquarters is French, also has its representatives in Switzerland, Belgium
and the United States.




Challenge  TIABB 2004 :


Tendre passion des Fleurs de Lilas :

Best Female , Best Birman Red tabby
 and Best Birman all categor


Vespucci Amerigo des Fleurs de lilas :

Best Birman Kitten and Best Seal point Birman


Tangerine Cocktail des Fleurs de lilas :

Best Neuter Female


Best Breeding TIABB 2004 : " Les Fleurs de Lilas "






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