This Association is American and contains important genetic databases feline. It organizes Cat Shows in all regions of the world.
It delivers pedigrees and titles of Champions, established the annual global ranking of the best cats.


TendrePassion des Fleurs de lilas :

Triple Grand Champion TICA
Best Red Tabby Birman  World 2004-2005
Best Birman Southern Europe 2004-2005

First of all cats must be registered with TICA, otherwise the points will not be accepted. But you do not have to own a pedigree Tica. LOOF such a pedigree is also necessary.

Involved from the kittens and spend four months in Adults at 8 months.

Points earned will count towards the award of evidence.
The most coveted is that of "Supreme Grand Champion". As difficult to obtain because in addition to 6000 points, you must pick up the "Best Cat" in the final!


Kertweed New-York  New-York :

Supreme Grand Champion TICA
2 years : Best Birman red tabby

Cats are known in the ring based on their race, their division, their color.
Each judge handles and the cat and the class ring on his (third race for example, the second color ...) and keeps him or not for the final.
The finals are eagerly awaited by the participants as to the announcement on the progress of the micro end, everyone rushes to go see if her pussy was chosen or not ! The numbers of cats are held in the cages of each ring. There, no announcement at the microphone not to influence other judges in their classification.

Two types of Finals:
- "ALL BREED": top 10 all-breed cats.
- "SPECIALITY" a final for a final short hair for long hair.
(Knowing that the SLH are in the category long hair expos Tica.)

A birman kitten may be in the final KITTEN Longhair.
But also in Final KITTEN allbreed if the judge was particularly impressed.


New-York, his first show Tica
with Mrs Morgan, the président Tica

New-York in Tica with Martine Caillard

New-York in Tica with hélène Guillaume

New-York in Tica with Pascale Portelas
10 months, at Bourges in october 98
Finale Tica All Breed : Best Cat All Breed

At the end of cat show, cats have collected maximum points will be ranked first and has the title of "Best of Best Cat"!
Neutered cats judgments Tica participate in the "Alter".
Even the "house cat" can compete in "HHP".


Charmed Too much :

Quadruple Grand Champion Tica
Best of Best Cat at Pontoise2003.
Best Birman Red tabby World 2003-2004
Best Birman Southern Europe

Take care, you must be very careful to call your number because we will not wait forever and you will be declared absent in the ring!
If you have multiple cats, you may need to get help from a friend or invest in a pair of rollers.
Each judge will affix to the cage of your kitty a colored card depending on its classification. These boxes should not be taken but you can calculate the number of points obtained by cat on each ring.


Vespucci des fleurs de Lilas :

Grand Champion Tica
Best Birman Seal Southern Europe 2004-2005


Cats Tica participating in cat shows from around the world to collect maximum points: they are the Best Cat of the Year ! So you are competing with beautiful cats of all breeds, superbly prepared and groomed ! Do not bring your cat in poor condition!
And remember to record your results throughout the exhibition.

Know that your shares may be on your Tica pedigrees such as European titles (provided to justify them).




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