Our breeding is located in the Pays de Bray, from Neufchatel en Bray and Forges-les-Eaux, is 1h30 from Paris and 45 minutes from Rouen and Amiens.
We have the chance to enjoy the peace and beauty of this region in a large house of 160 m² which evolve our cats.
Indeed, no one lives in isolation or outside.
They live in freedom, in reasonable numbers.



The "boys" are among us and is one of the reasons why we do not have stud service. The intrusion of an unknown female could upset the balance of the house and force us to do our sterilizing males before they could actually perform the marriages we want. No way to support the urinary markings!
Another reason: the desire to preserve the health of our kitties. All outdoor cats may pose a risk.
(This is also why we set up our cats in personal cages in cat shows.)



In turn, the kitties sleep with us. Of course, "Neige" has a tendency to jump from the top of the cabinet over my head at night ... we Babies chew their feet and do not leave us to sleep on the weekend ... "Show Boy" (small devon rex malicious) ordered us to get up from the first song of the birds ....
But what a joy to slip under the covers and fall asleep with their soft purr .... What a joy to see them just happy!



In the morning, birds chirping just as New York already trying to observe them. Too Much Lon Saito and are more interested in the calves frolicking in the nearby field.
In the kitchen, the younger scramble to the windows to better track the race of rabbits and squirrels play.
Princeton, he, rather than watching my toast ! Real baby despite his age, he also loves to cuddle in the morning and ... plates reserved for kittens! It is therefore very upset when Tatiana takes it before him.
We must soon go to work and let our kitties to their games ... and their naps!


There may be a new stupidity to discover on the way .... and as usual, they will all look surprised if I cry ... a little !


When I come home from school, they rush to greet me and sniff my baskets.
The binder does not interest them, for against, provisions are passionate !
They love the fish with vegetables.
Owl, mealtime arrives and pans make a pleasing racket. The whole band is there and runs to the fridge flat.
The kitties are provided with quality kibble and fresh water for the day but at night it's party because the plates feel good !

When Karen returned, there is a little anxiety in the air: who will go to the bathroom today ? Princeton and TendrePassion are ready to get under the buffet to be forgotten ... But what a relief to see she still has purchased toys or a pretty basket and soft that she wants to cuddle !



The Birmans are attentive, playful, intelligent. They are even able to obey when they are "educating" a little ! Very close to us, they want to follow us around the house. They are real "pot of glue" and it does not displease us!


Celia, my granddaughter, loves dearly "Because I'm Red"


When I start to correct my copies in the evening, I have a whole band and I examine myself from time to time mowing my pens. Not talking about what can happen when the kittens get involved!
The more "tired" (???) baskets or quickly return to the top of the furniture and setting up for the night on a full stomach. I know one ( Rouge Baiser ) which tends to snore (do not point out to him because it is very likely ! )



Gradually, the need for sleep is strongest and the eyes close ....
Same ritual every night: some prefer to sleep alone, others huddle in the same basket, paws paws.


When we returned to our rooms, the family cat is asleep :

The Sacred Cat of Burma is a balance that needs the company of his teachers to be fully happy!





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